The Company ACDZ attempts to market the products and quantities announced on the Website NAYCIA.COM, for the registered trademarks NAYCIA BEAUTE and NAYCIA SPORT, in an ordinary scope of sale. They are available at any time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The products and quantites may not be fully guaranteed, specifically :

- the Company ACDZ (NAYCIA BEAUTE and NAYCIA SPORT trademarks) is not and may not be held responsible for any current and future hazard resulting from the global health crisis context and the national and international government guidelines (COVID-19).

These national and international decisions may impact the good transportation and delivery of the products and articles offered and sold on the NAYCIA.COM Website.

Also in case of:

- 1) a technical malfunction of the NAYCIA.COM Website

- 2) a posted price error

- 3) a national or international computer bug

- 4) a bug in the national or international banking systems (PayPal, Systempay web, etc.).

Customers will be quickly informed of the situation via email (email address given throughout an order on hold or an already placed order) or via a text message on their mobile phone (as provided in the information given by the client), if not via fixed or mobile phone calls.

The Company ACDZ reserves the right to refuse or terminate, and even cancel any order.

The Company ACDZ reserves the right to modify the marketed articles or products prices on the NAYCIA.COM Website without notice.

The customer will be refunded any payment received throughout an order on hold (computer and technical bug) or placed in the aforementioned cases.

Regarding any other refund, the customers or guests ordering on the NAYCIA.COM Website and in the frame of other hazards that may occur to the different services (shipping, receiving of parcels and other services), the customers or guests should refer to the general sales terms and conditions of the NAYCIA.COM Website or to go faster by contacting the customer service to: